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Vegan Organic Okra

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Product Summary

  • Okra aids in digestion as it contains prebiotic fibber and controls obesity and cholesterol. It has loaded with Vitamin A, B, C, and traces of Zinc & Calcium
  • It acts as hair conditioner, fights dandruff and moistures the scalp.
  • Okra is a member of the Mallow family, related to cotton, hibiscus and hollyhock. It is a tall (6 ft) annual tropical herb cultivated for its edible green seed pod (there is also a red pod variety, which turns green when cooked). It has heart shaped leaves
    (one species is cultivated for its edible leaves), and large, yellow, hibiscus-like flowers.
  • Store in a paper bag in the warmest part of refrigerator, as temperatures below 45 degrees can damage okra. It does not store well, so use within 2 or 3 days at most.
  • Do not wash until ready to use, or it will become slimy. When preparing, remember that the more it is cut, the slimier it will become. Aluminum pots will discolor it. Okra is excellent saut_ed or fried. Very young, tender pods can be sliced, dipped
    in egg, breaded with corn meal and fried.
  • Can be used in several recipes for a flavor some mealtime
  • Makes a healthy addition to your everyday menu
  • Country of origin: UAE/India


Okra is a green vegetable with a tip at the end and a lighter green head, which is inedible and to be thrown away. It tastes mild and slightly grassy.


  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Product Size: 500 grams
  • Vegetables Type: Okra
  • Other Feature 1: Storage Requirements: cold_10_15
  • Grocery Brand: Vegan Organic
  • Country Of Origin: United Arab Emirates
  • Fruits Vegetables Category: Vegetables

Storage Condition

Keep Vegan Organic Okra well-refrigerated.



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